A Complete Guide to Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport

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Getting your car from one place to another can be overwhelming, but luckily some companies specialize in doing just that. They make it easy to move your car along big distances. Whether you’re a rental agency or car dealer, or just need to transport several cars for your business, professional transport companies are really important for making sure things go smoothly and quickly.

These companies offer different services to fit your needs. Some use open trailers to transport cars, while others use enclosed trailers for extra protection. Some even offer door-to-door delivery, which means they’ll pick up your car from your doorstep and drop it off at its destination.

At Transporting Highway, we know how important it is to make sure your car gets to where it needs to go safely and on time. To help with that, here’s a simple guide on how to get your car ready for its transport.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Transport Company:

Deciding to use a professional transport company for your vehicle comes with many benefits. Firstly, it gives you peace of mind because you know experienced experts will take good care of your vehicle during transport. These companies have the know-how and tools to ensure your vehicle gets safely and promptly to its destination, no matter how far it is.

Plus, hiring professionals saves you time and stress. Instead of dealing with all the complexities of transportation yourself, you can rely on professionals to handle everything for you. This lets you focus on other important parts of your move or business operations while knowing your vehicle is in safe hands.

Importance of Vehicle Preparation:

Ensuring your car is ready for transport is essential to keep it safe and in good condition during the travel. If you don’t prepare it properly, there’s a chance it could get damaged or worn out, which could end up in costly repairs or complications down the line. This means checking for any mechanical issues, securing loose parts, and taking out any personal stuff from inside. Doing these things gives you peace of mind, knowing your car will arrive at its destination without any problems. Plus, it helps you follow any rules or requirements set by the transport company. So, taking the time to prepare your car is totally worth it for a smooth and worry-free transport experience. if you take the time to get it ready right, you can lower these risks and make sure everything goes correctly. 

Steps on how to prepare your vehicle for transport

  1. Start with a Good Clean: Give your car a complete wash both inside and out, including underneath. Cleaning it not only makes it look nice when it arrives but also helps you spot any existing damage. Make sure to document any scratches, dents, or other concerns in the agreement form and take detailed pictures for your records.
  2. Take Out Your Personal Belongings: Remove all your personal belongings from the car, including anything in the trunk, glove compartment, and other storage compartments. This includes electronics, valuables, and any loose items that could move around during transport. Clearing out your stuff keeps them safe and prevents damage to your car’s interior. 
  3. Check for Leaks and Mechanical Issues: Conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s mechanical components, including the engine, transmission, brakes, and suspension. Look for any signs of leaks, fluid levels, or mechanical issues that require attention. Addressing these issues before transport helps prevent complications during transit and ensures a smooth journey.
  4. Disable Alarm Systems and GPS Devices: Disable any alarm systems or GPS tracking devices installed in your vehicle before transport. This prevents unnecessary disruptions during transit and ensures seamless loading and unloading processes.
  5. Secure Loose Parts and Accessories: Remove any aftermarket accessories or loose parts that could potentially get damaged or lost during transport. This includes spoilers, antennas, roof racks, and removable mirrors. Store these items securely in the trunk or another safe location to prevent damage.
  6. Check Tire Pressure, Battery, and Fluid Levels: Ensure that your tires are properly inflated to the recommended pressure and inspect them for any signs of wear or damage. Check your battery to ensure it is fully charged and in good condition. Additionally, check fluid levels such as oil, coolant, and brake fluid to prevent any issues during transport.
  7. Fold Back Mirrors and Retract Antennas: Fold back your side mirrors and retract antennas, if possible, to reduce the risk of damage during loading and unloading. This simple step helps protect vulnerable components of your vehicle and ensures a smoother transport process.
  8. Maintain a Minimal Fuel Level: While your vehicle will need some fuel for loading and unloading, it’s best to keep the tank at a minimal level during transport. Aim for around a quarter tank of gas to reduce weight and minimize the risk of leaks or spills during transit.
  9. Document and Communicate: Before handing over your vehicle for transport, document its condition thoroughly, preferably with date-stamped photographs and written notes. Communicate any specific instructions, concerns, or special requirements you may have with the car transport company. Providing clear communication ensures that your vehicle receives the attention and care it deserves throughout the transport process.

Special Considerations for High-Value Vehicles:

When transporting high-value or luxury vehicles, taking extra precautions is important to keep them safe and secure during the transport. These cars need special attention to maintain their condition and worth.

One common precaution is to use enclosed transport trailers. These trailers offer better protection against bad weather, road debris, and possible theft or damage. They create a safe and controlled environment for your vehicle, reducing the risk of harm during transport.

Besides using enclosed trailers, getting extra insurance coverage is also important to consider for expensive cars. While transport companies usually have insurance to cover damages, additional coverage gives you more peace of mind and protects your valuable investment.


By following these simple steps and ensuring your car to a professional company like Transporting Highway, you can rest assured that your prized possession will reach its destination safely and securely. We are committed to providing reliable and professional car transport services for our B2B clients across Europe, ensuring a stress-free experience from start to finish. With our proven track record of time deliveries and professionalism, you can trust us to handle your vehicle transport needs with the highest level of care and expertise.


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