Privacy Statement

1. Introduction Transporting Highway Privacy Statement

This document constitutes the privacy policy of Transporting Highway. The provisions within this privacy policy pertain to all confidential and personal information that you furnish to us, such as when you initiate contact. We provide explicit clarification on the methods by which we store your information, the duration of its retention, and the precise objectives of the data processing. Additionally, we offer a clear overview of how you can exercise your rights concerning data processing.

This privacy policy pertains to the data handled by Transporting Highway. Are you frequently engaged in the transportation of vehicles, either within or outside the Netherlands? Then you’re familiar with the inconveniences that accompany these activities. Transporting Highways revolutionizes the approach to car transport, departing from conventional methods. Rather than operating as carriers ourselves, we leverage an expansive network of dependable transport partners. Learn more about our specific operations.

Due to the diverse scenarios in which we process (or have processed) personal data, we have chosen to present a comprehensive privacy policy. Many circumstances arise in which Transporting Highway must gather, process, or utilize your personal information. You must be informed about the fate of your personal data and how you can communicate your preferences regarding its management.

Transporting Highway places paramount importance on safeguarding your privacy and will handle and process personal data with utmost security. All provisions outlined in this privacy policy adhere to the applicable General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This legislation holds validity across Europe.

If you want to receive more information or have questions about the privacy statement of Transporting Highway, you can use the contact form

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2. Categories of personal data 

Personal data is any information with which a natural person can be identified, or which can be linked to a natural person. Your personal data will only be processed by Transporting Highway if you share data with us yourself. To be able to support our visitors, community, and partners to the best of our ability, we must collect and process certain information. Transporting Highway may process one or more of the following personal information about you:

  • First and last name;
  • Address details;
  • Current workplace if relevant;
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV), information about education, internships and work experience; 
  • Proof of your right to work, such as a driver’s license and insurance information;
  • Phone number;
  • (Personal) e-mail address (note: under the GDPR, certain company e-mail addresses may be classified as personal e-mail addresses. Think of the e-mail address 

Personal information we collect from business relations: 

  • Name of the business relationship;
  • Chamber of Commerce number;
  • VAT number;
  • First and last name of the contact;
  • Business address details;
  • Telephone number of the contact;
  • Email address of the contact. 

When referring to business relationships of Transporting Highway, we encompass customers, suppliers, and any other entities with whom we maintain a business association. We gather personal information to facilitate communication, dispatch emails, provide information about our services, extend service offers, undertake sales activities directed at prospective and current clients, and establish contractual agreements.

We exclusively retain and employ personal data that is either directly provided by you or has been designated for processing by Transporting Highway.

Special Categories of Personal Data

Transporting Highway only records special categories of personal data when such collection is indispensable for fulfilling legal obligations or when it is otherwise permissible under prevailing laws. Special categories of personal data encompass information related to ethnic origin, political beliefs, religious or philosophical affiliations, membership in trade unions, genetic details, biometric data, health-related information, sexual behaviour or orientation, criminal convictions, and criminal offences.

3. Basis and purposes for data processing

Under the GDPR legislation, we are obliged to have a lawful basis for processing your personal data. Article 6 paragraph 1 sub a, sub b and sub c and Article 9 paragraph 2 sub a of the GDPR apply to our situation: the processing of your personal data is done based on consent, because it is necessary for the execution of an agreement between you and Transporting Highway or because it is necessary to comply with legal obligations. 

Article 13 paragraph 1 sub c of the GDPR then requires us to indicate for which ‘processing purposes’ the personal data is intended. Below is an overview of different processing purposes.

We always process your personal data based on one of the following principles: 

  • Execution of an agreement: we process your personal data when you use our services, such as transporting cars. The processing is necessary to provide the service. 
  • Consent: we process your data if you have given permission for this for a specific purpose. This could be when you have contacted us, for example.
  • Compliance with legal obligations: we process your personal data if legislation obliges us to do so, for example, to keep data for a certain period. 
  • Legitimate interests: we process data because we have a legitimate interest, such as securing our digital services. We will always make a thorough assessment of whether this interest is greater than your privacy interest. 

There are a number of purposes for which Transporting Highway collects your data;

1. Contact us 

If you have contacted Transporting Highway in any way, the data you provide will be stored and used for the course of further contact. This would be information such as your name, e-mail address and telephone number. 

The basis for processing in this context: our legitimate interest (to be able to respond to your questions, complaints, and contact requests, we process your data so that we can provide you with the best possible service) and your consent (so that we can contact you if there is any pertinent reason to do so). 

2. Application as a driver 

If you are interested in working as a driver at Transporting Highway, we require some information from you. Without this information, we are unable to assess whether you are suitable for the position for which you have applied. 

The basis for processing in this context: our legitimate interest (to be able to respond to your application, we process your data so that we can provide you with the best possible service), your consent (so that we can contact you if there is any reason for this) and execution of the agreement

3. Screening 

If necessary, Transporting Highway may have to carry out a screening. For this, we need information such as first and last names, references, and CVs. 

The basis for processing in this context: our legitimate interest (when it is necessary to carry out a screening for the sake of the potential employer, Transporting Highway must be able to access personal data.)

4. Accounting

Transporting Highway is legally obliged to keep a thorough accounting. For this purpose, the data reasonably present on quotations or invoices is stored. Think of your name and, if necessary, bank details.

The basis for processing in this context: our legal obligations (it is legally required to keep legally correct accounts.)

5. The agreement

When an agreement is concluded, Transporting Highway needs certain information. Without this information, it is not possible to properly execute the agreement. Think of first and last names, company details and address details. 

The basis for processing in this context: the execution of the agreement (without certain information, an agreement cannot be executed).

6. Invoicing

Certain information is processed for sending the invoices, including name and address details and billing address.

The basis for processing in this context: the execution of the agreement (to be able to perform our services, we must charge costs). 

7. Cookies, placed via 

To use the website and to make the website function properly, several pieces of information are stored. Think of IP address, location data, and statistical and aggregated data about browsing behaviour and Website visits (scrolling and clicking behaviour).

Please note: Concerning cookies, we comply with both the GDPR and the Dutch cookie law (Telecommunicatiewet article 11.7A). 

4. Period of storage

Above we have indicated for which processing purposes we use your personal data. According to Article 13 paragraph 2 sub a of the GDPR, we must then indicate what the storage period of personal data is.

1. Contact us

If the contact does not lead to the provision of a service or work, the data provided by you will be stored for a maximum period of two (2) years

2. Application as a driver 

Data relating to the application will be kept for no longer than four (4) weeks after the end of the application procedure. If you have given permission, we will keep your data for a maximum of one (1) year after the end of the application period.

3. Screening 

Data collected to screen the drivers will be kept for no longer than four (4) weeks after the end of the application period. 

4. Accounting 

To keep sound accounts, we must keep personal data related to financial purposes for at least seven (7) years, with this period possibly being extended with five (5) years for the purposes of internal accounting.

5. The agreement

All data relating to an agreement will be kept for the period that the agreement is active in all circumstances. At the time the agreement expires or is completed, the processed data will be kept for seven (7) years. After the end of the agreement, the customer data will be kept for another three (3) years.

6. Invoicing

The data for this purpose will be retained for seven (7) years after the preparation of the documentation. This is unless a longer storage period is required due to legal obligations, limitation periods and/or an expected legal dispute.

5. Recipients of personal data

Transporting Highway shares personal data with third parties: this only happens when this is strictly necessary. In all cases, Transporting Highway, as controller, will comply with the GDPR legislation, specifically Article 28 et seq. GDPR. 

To guarantee the best service from Transporting Highway, we work together with certain external parties. Think of parties that arrange our financial affairs, for example. Below we offer an overview of external parties that receive personal data from you.

Overview of third parties that receive personal data from you:

  • Accountant

To keep sound accounts, personal data might be provided by an accountant. This is strictly necessary data, which is also stated on invoices.

  • Tax authorities/government agencies

To comply with our tax liability and/or any other legal requirement, we share the necessary personal data with the tax authorities and other government agencies, if we are legally obliged to do so. 

Furthermore, we will not provide the information you provide to other parties, unless this is legally required and permitted. 

6. Security

Only authorized personnel of Transporting Highway have access to personal data. This personal information is safeguarded by passwords.

The devices containing your data are secured with passwords and/or features like fingerprint scanning and facial recognition. This applies to essential devices including computers, laptops, and mobile phones.

Transporting Highway employs firewalls, antivirus scanners, and regular backups for the website and digitally transmitted data. Naturally, expired data is excluded from these backups. System passwords are periodically changed, and email archives are regularly cleansed.

Your interaction with the Transporting Highway website is further fortified by ‘https’ security. This ensures that your connection to Transporting Highway remains private. Additionally, we hold an SSL certificate and utilize site locking. These measures guarantee the safety of your personal data while browsing our website.

7. Your rights regarding your personal data

Below are the rights that you can exercise regarding your personal data. We hereby indicate in as much detail as possible how the relevant right can be used. 

a. Right of access (Article 15 GDPR)

You always have the right to view the data processed and stored by Transporting Highway. To exercise this right, please contact Transporting Highway.

b. Right to rectification (Article 16 GDPR)

If the data stored by Transporting Highway turns out to be incorrect, you have the right to have this data rectified. Transporting Highway will then replace the current incorrect data with the correct data.

c. Right to data portability (Article 20 GDPR)

You have the right to have personal data transferred by Transporting Highway to a similar party. This refers to a party that offers and performs roughly the same services as Transporting Highway. 

d. Right to erasure (Article 17 GDPR)

In certain cases, you can request Transporting Highway to have data removed. You have the option to do so with the right to be forgotten. Below you will find a list of situations in which Transporting Highway needs to delete your data:

  • If the data processed by Transporting Highway is no longer necessary for processing purposes. 
  • If the consent to the use of the personal data is withdrawn by you. 
  • If you object to the processing of your data. In the case of direct marketing, you always have an absolute right to object. The moment your interests regarding the processing of personal data outweigh those of Transporting Highway, you have a relative right. The deletion of the data will then only take place if it has been demonstrated that your interests outweigh those of Transporting Highway. 
  • If Transporting Highway processes data unlawfully, you have a direct option to have the data removed by Transporting Highway. This is the case, for example, if there is no legal basis for the processing of personal data.  
  • If a statutory retention period has been exceeded, Transporting Highway is obliged to delete the processed personal data. 
  • If you, as a data subject, are younger than 16 years old and no permission from a parent or guardian has been granted for the processing of the personal data. In this case, Transporting Highway will immediately delete your personal data. 

There may be exceptions to the right to be forgotten. For more information, you can consult the following page

e. Right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority

If you think that Transporting Highway does not thoroughly handle your personal data, you always have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. You can do this via this link. The Dutch Data Protection Authority will further handle your complaint.

f. Right to stop data consumption, objection (Article 21 GDPR)

You have the right to object to data processing at any time. Especially in the case of ‘direct marketing’.

Furthermore, we would like to point out the following rights:

  • Right to restrict (part of) the processing: under certain conditions, you have the right to obtain from Transporting Highway the restriction of the processing of your personal data. In short, this means that Transporting Highway temporarily “freezes” the processing of the data. You can invoke this right in four situations: (1) pending the assessment of a correction request, (2) if data should be deleted but you do not want deletion, (3) if Transporting Highway no longer needs the data while it is still needed for (the preparation for) a lawsuit and (4) pending the assessment of an objection.
  • Withdrawal of consent: you have this right insofar as we process your data based on your consent. You have the right to withdraw consent once given at any time. This has no consequences for the past, but it does mean that we are no longer allowed to process that data. As a result, Transporting Highway may no longer be able to provide you with certain services. 

Make use of the above rights?

In most instances, getting in touch with us is all that’s required to exercise your rights. In cases where we have reservations about confirming your identity, alternative measures might be employed to verify it. For instance, you might be requested to furnish a copy of your official identification document. This procedure always adheres to the guidelines set forth by the central government. Usually, a less intrusive method of identity verification suffices. Utilizing the rights mentioned above incurs no charges, except in cases of misuse.

It’s important to note that the aforementioned rights are not absolute and can be subject to limitations. Certain circumstances might arise that prevent Transporting Highway from fulfilling a specific request. Each request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If we cannot honour a particular request, we will promptly communicate the reasons behind this decision.

8. Duties

Transporting Highway processes your personal data as specified, among other reasons, based on legitimate interests. Rest assured, your personal information will never be sold to a third party.

The information that is necessary for us to provide services consists of the minimal essential personal data required for service delivery. Failure to provide this mandatory information will result in Transporting Highway being unable to offer its services effectively.

Should there arise a need to share your data with parties not mentioned in Article 5, we will seek your consent through an update to our privacy statement. Any changes will always be communicated through the Transporting Highway website.

Transporting Highway retains the right to disclose data when mandated by law or when it deems compliance necessary with a legal request or proceeding. Similarly, data may be disclosed in cases involving ownership or safeguarding the interests of Transporting Highway. We consistently strive to fully uphold your right to privacy.

Do you have any questions about our privacy statement? Please feel free to contact us via the details below.

Touwslager 1 3861 SP | Nijkerk 
+31 8 51 09 11 28 |
CoC number 90096185  | VAT number NL865208438B01 

WhatsApp +31 8 51 09 11 28