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People believe car transport is a stressful and time-consuming procedure. They face trust issues while handing over their cars to companies. Confidence in the transport company is as important as the mechanics of organizing and arranging car shipments and deliveries. If you’re not familiar with the procedure, this might add to your frustration. However, if done the right way, it guarantees a successful and hassle-free transport experience. 

Understanding the Process

Knowing what to anticipate during an auto shipment process can go an extra mile. It keeps your mind at ease. It helps you make an informed decision and encourages you to prepare and book your car with confidence. Fortunately, the majority of the companies use the same basic car transport process, so you know what to anticipate. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Getting a shipping quote and booking.
  2. Preparing the car for transport according to the company’s requirements.
  3. The car transporting driver picks up your car on the scheduled day.
  4. Your car is shipped.
  5. The car is dropped off at its destination.
  6. Final inspection is carried out.

Booking and Preparation

A booking can be done over a simple phone call or by using the company’s website to submit a quote. Upon reaching out to the company, they will send you a detailed quote based on your requirements and needs. But first, you have to answer some questions about your car and the related factors. They include:

  • Car’s model and year
  • Car’s condition
  • Your shipment locations, both to and from
  • Type of car transportation
  • The first date of availability for pickup 
  • Contact information

Next, we’ll tell you how to prepare your car for transport. This includes gathering all the documents related to the process like registration, insurance, driver’s information, and bill of lading. Clean your vehicle inside and out to remove any personal items. Cleaning also helps identify potential damages. Also, do not forget to document existing damages by taking lots of pictures of your vehicle. Make an extra two copies of your car keys, one for yourself and the other for the transporter in case it gets lost. Finally, go for general car maintenance and ensure that the gas tank is filled no more than 1/4th so that no extra weight is added due to the fuel.

Choosing a Transport Company

Your car’s transport experience depends entirely on the quality of services provided by the transport company. There are some tips for choosing a car transport company, which are worth considering. The most important step is doing your research. Spend some time researching reputable companies, and comparing them with each other. Read reviews to get an insight into their work. Reach them out at customer support, chat with them, and ask questions. Moreover, get quotes to find out their rates. It is very important to avoid companies that make deals and promises that are too good to be true because they can be fraud. Remember to gather information regarding their insurance coverage. You can also reach out to Transporting Highway or view our services on the website.

Transit Time and Delays

Routing through densely populated areas can make the journey slower. This may occur when travel time is at its peak like in the holiday seasons. This can give us heavy traffic. Lastly, the delivery of cars is delayed by mechanical problems. Before shipping can begin, the carrier trailer may need to be repaired if it has mechanical issues. Or, it might face mechanical issues during its journey.

Final Inspection and Delivery

Sometimes, car delivery may take longer than the anticipated time. The only way to comprehend why this occurs is to know what affects car transport transit time. This will help you manage your expectations accordingly. Firstly, the distance of the route can greatly impact the duration. This is because it requires more labor and more resources. Secondly, it is important to consider the time of the year you wish to ship your car. Certain weather conditions can make the journey more challenging. For example, roads covered with snow during winter act as a hindrance. 

The carrier driver or a customer service representative will get in touch to confirm the delivery location and schedule a delivery time. Once delivered, you must perform a thorough inspection of the car. But how to inspect your car after transport? Make sure to do a walk-around inspection of the car from all the sides. Do this in daylight to guarantee a clear view. In case you find new damage that wasn’t there before, compare it with pictures of the car you took before shipping to prove your claim. You will need to record the damage on the Bill of Lading, signed by the trucker and yourself. Recall that you have the right and the obligation to check your car when it is delivered. Additionally, make sure you compare the mileage on the Bill of Lading from before shipment with the mileage upon delivery.

Customer Support and Aftercare

Car transport customer support ensures the satisfaction of the customer throughout the procedure. They will keep you updated. Most of the companies also provide real-time tracking services that help you monitor the progress of your car. This means you can relax while your car is being delivered to you. A reputable company will listen to your needs, answer your questions, address your concerns, and customize their services to match your exact requirements. This customer-centric approach of Transporting Highway Company is the heart of everything we do. We prefer transparent communication to develop trust. Moreover, you can always refer back to us in case you have a complaint to report or need other information, and we will be available to help. You can get in touch now and we will be happy to assist you.

Decide What Works for You!

You must be aware that car transportation can be quite challenging at times. However, what helps through the period of unexpected delays is good customer care. Also, keeping yourself informed about the steps your car will go through can help big time. Yet, some people find it hard to trust someone else with their car and choose to drive themselves across the cities, states, or countries. However, long and unexpected routes can damage your car and accidents may occur. While you seek the safety of your car, you must be able to make an informed decision about what suits you best.


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