Common Myths & Misconceptions about Car Transport Services

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Are you also among those who think car transport services are too expensive to consider? Many share this misconception, and it can occur because misinformation can easily spread in auto transport and lead customers to make wrong assumptions and decisions. Which is why dispelling such myths is important. When you are well-informed about auto-industry rules, you can confidently navigate the process hassle-free.

Myth 1: Driving is Cheaper and Auto Transport is Costly

Many people think that driving is cheaper than transporting their car, but this is not always the case. Many secret costs come with driving across the country. When you drive a long way, the cost of petrol adds up quickly. Another big cost is lodging, since you’ll need rooms for trips that last more than one day. With time your car needs frequent oil changes and tire rotations. Also, its value will decrease more rapidly with higher mileage. Auto transport may seem more expensive at first, but it often ends up being cheaper because it saves money on these hidden costs.

Myth 2: Auto transport Shipping Takes Much Longer Time

A second common misconception is an interminable shipping process. Although it’s true that shipping a vehicle might take more time than driving it yourself, how much longer it takes depends on several factors. Distance and seasons are the most common ones. However, some companies offer guaranteed pick-up and express car transport that can speed up the process.

Myth 3: Car Transportation is Dangerous and Insecure

A common misunderstanding regarding auto shipment is that it is an inherently dangerous process. But this is not at all true. Companies with a good reputation will protect your car with special carriers and safe tie-downs. They have only licensed drivers who will drive your vehicle. Make sure that the service comes with protection in case something goes wrong. Reliable car transport is safe and secure, so you can relax during the whole process.

Myth 4: Only Enclosed Vehicle Transportation is Secure

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Although enclosed transport is the best option for transportation, it’s not the only one. Reputable auto transport businesses still frequently use the tried-and-true method of open auto transport, which involves placing vehicles on open carriers. Bad reviews can affect a carrier’s revenue, therefore they maintain strict standards. Open transport is usually enough for daily users and is much cheaper. While enclosed transport is better for valuable or expensive cars, not for daily-driven cars.

Myth 5: Brokers Try to Get You, So Book with a Carrier

It’s a myth, a lie, especially when it comes to popular auto transport myths. There are two main reasons why auto transport brokers exist: they bring together carriers and customers. In addition to that, they keep prices low. Carriers could charge more if there were no middlemen to compete with them. Brokers make the market competitive, which helps buyers save money. If you use a broker even if they have fees, you’ll get the best price and the most trusted service.

Take Action: Debunk Car Transport Services Myths

There’s a lot to learn about auto transportation, and debunking the most popular myths is just the beginning. Professional vehicle shipping services are safe and affordable. Sometimes common misconceptions stop you from making the right choice. Make a smart move by putting your trust in professionals like Transporting Highway, and relax knowing your car is handled by skilled experts.


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